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Kelly Bawden, LMFT, SUDC, PHD Doctoral Candidate

Kelly Bawden, LMFT, SUDC, PHD Doctoral Candidate

Program Director / Clinical Director

had loved psychology and the mental health field since she was a young child. Her friends and family always knew she would be a therapist someday. She struggled in school most of her life and gave up the dream of psychology in her early 20’s. Her main focus became raising her children.

At age 37, her desire to be in the psychology field took over. She began the journey of school and working with teenagers in crisis. She loved what she was doing and worked hard to finish school. Her dream of being a therapist happened she was working, spending time with her kids and grandkids.

In 2008, her 26-year-old son passed away in a car accident. Her world shattered. She was functioning and existing, but she was not living. From the years 2009 to 2011, there are times that were a blur because she was running on auto-pilot- just to make it through the day. Her only goal was to get to bed at night and sleep. She was sleeping much of the time. Eventually she lost her job, endured five more deaths in the family and felt lost.

The mental health tips in this book are tips that she used and have helped her clients use for years. Now, it is her time to put her feet to the fire and do the work that she had helped others do. “Not as easy as I have made it seem,” she says.

Mental Health Tips is her journey and how she learned to live in spite of the loss that affects her life every day. Mental health matters; these mental health tips work.

Paul Arslanian

Paul Arslanian

Executive Director

• Education: B.S. degree in Special Education – Northern Arizona University
• M.S. degree in Public Administration – Utah State University
• Related Experience:

Co-founder of Eagle Ranch Academy. 25 years coaching football at Division 1A schools and professional in the Canadian Football League (CFL); Director of Residential Living and Youth Programs (Snow College); Assistant Director of Youth Corp Camp (YCC); Started and ran the Snow College Job Corp Program; Director of Special Education Snow College and Mt. Nebo Training School