Eagle Ranch Academy has the program necessary to save your child. We are the #1 Rated RTC center for Troubled Teens. Call us!

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Our goal is very simple — Help YOU help your Child

Selecting a Residential Treatment Program for your Child is a big decision, and we take it very seriously. For that reason – Our Admissions Staff are available to you at all times throughout the process.

We want you to choose the method of contact you feel most comfortable with; and even though we aren’t yet acquainted, you can be assured our conversation will be friendly, discrete, confidential, and very helpful.

If you are unsure whether your Child can benefit from our program for struggling teens, please call us directly, and we will discuss the options available.

Our Admissions Counselors have spent a life time working with young people and their parents, and know that when a parent wants or needs information, it is a very anxious time. From your first phone call, to well after your Child completes our program, we will be with you every step of the way. You will find that a counselor is always just a phone call away.

Eagle Ranch Academy is a labor of love and a commitment to helping young men and women and their families. Everyone at ERA takes this commitment seriously.

Please call us anytime. Our Admissions Counselor’s number is below. We look forward to helping YOU help your Child.

Note to Referring Professionals – If you have a Student we might be able to help, please contact us directly.